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Sales is now more like The Avengers

Batman has his trusty sidekick Robin at his every beck and call? Just like the Batman and Robin duo, sales engineers used to be a sort of Robin to the Batman of sales. You remember the junior, geeky, propellerhead-type sales engineer back in the day, right?

In the comic books, Robin is the junior character in every way, explicitly under the control of Batman, and in reality, sales used to be the very same with sales gurus handling the entire sales process, while sales engineers fell back into a junior role, providing technical help as needed. Their roles have since changed. Just as Robin eventually grew up and gained his own comic series, the role of sales engineers has matured and grown over the years.

Sales is no longer just Batman and Robin. Sales is now the Avengers of Sales, a team of superheroes that make up the sales team including finance, onboarding, customer service, and yes, even sales engineers. Just as the Avengers team brings together humans, mutants, aliens, and supernatural beings, utilizing each of their specialties, the Avengers of Sales features a team covering a wide swath of experienced backgrounds and specialities to move sales forward.

Sales engineers are no longer the Robin sidekick to Batman. Sales engineers are a full-fledged role that goes hand-in-hand with the sales team, recognized as experts and critical to the sales process. The changing role of a sales engineer began evolving in the 2000s with the boom of technology as customers started coming into a sale with more knowledge, thanks to the internet and social media. Customers are now demanding more detailed information, not just the glossy sales version of yesteryear.

Not only are sales engineers equipped to answer the highly detailed, technical questions customers are looking for, but their presentations have come a long way too since their unappealing flip-chart presentations. Technology has changed in such a way that sales engineers can relate technical facts with compelling, web-based, digital presentation tools.

The evolution of a sales engineer’s relationship with the sales team goes even deeper. Sales engineers formerly didn’t get a lot of results, nor did they resonate well with the sales team. But with their transformation over the last 20 years, a new breed of sales enablement has formed. The new sales engineers are strategic to the C-Suite, well respected by the sales team, and are even accountable for their sales results.

Many companies are demanding this new breed, but discovering sales engineers are hard to find because their skills are so tailored. However, companies who have begun integrating sales engineers into their sales team are gaining strategic advantages over their competition.

Finding an experienced sales engineer to add to your team is going to take more power than what you have at your fingertips — almost as difficult as finding an elusive Avengers superhero. Mighty SE is made up of a team of seasoned sales engineers, with over xx years of combined experience to help you find just the right sales engineer to add to your team of Avenger superheroes, so you’re prepared when you need to say, “Avengers, Assemble!”

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