Superpowers for your Technical Presales team. Whether you are a Sales Engineer, Solution Consultant, or a Manager of these Mighty Presales teams, Mighty SE will give you the tools to truly excel.


  • Tools for SEs and SE managers
  • Better optics on demo efficacy 

  • More accurate forecasts

  • Quicker sales cycles

  • Better onboarding 


  • Helps SEs be more productive and efficient

  • Manages activities

    • Integrations with GCal and Outlook bring your calendar into Salesforce​

    • Quick and easy activity creation and management in Salesforce

  • Gives you the data you need to focus on your most lucrative opportunities​

  • Allows SEs to score opportunities and input critical data

  • Manages demos

    • Manage all demos in one place​

    • Integrations with leading demo platforms

    • Track which demos are successful and which demos need work

  • Eliminates burnout​

    • Understand where your SEs are spending their time​

    • Manage your resources better through visibility

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